Samsung S24B350H and S27B350H coming soon –

Samsung S24B350H and S27B350H coming soon

Update: The SB350 series has now been released, including the S24B350B with DVI port instead of HDMI. Samsung have also recently released the SB370 series (including the S24B370H and S27B370H) that appears aesthetically identical to the SA350 series and doesn’t share the ‘new’ styling elements. One particular improvement to note is the inclusion of a DVI operating mode for the HDMI port which is designed to ensure the correct colour signal is sent via the GPU. Nvidia GPUs in particular had an issue with this on the SA350 series so that’s a positive change.

Samsung announced some exciting new monitors during CES 2012, including the S27B970 with PLS (Plane to Line Switching) panel and the TB750 series hybrids. But there was a large gaping hole in their line-up when it came to mainstream ‘entertainment’ and ‘general purpose’ models. 2010 saw the release of some highly sought-after gaming monitors from Samsung, the XL2370 and PX2370 which were amongst the first consumer models brandishing a white LED backlight. 2011 year saw the launch of the mightily impressive SA350 series – which as this review goes to show had a lot to offer for the price.

Rather than reinventing the wheel Samsung plans to slightly modify it by releasing a follow-up to the SA350 series as their 2012 mainstream parts; the SB350 series. This series will include the 22” S22B350H, 23” S23B350H, 24” S24B350H and 27” S27B350H. The basic specification remains much the same as the previous models – LED backlighting, a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms grey to grey response time and Samsung’s now ubiquitous ‘MagicBright’ presets and other ‘Magic’ features. It also seems that the European, UK and North American base model will feature HDMI and VGA inputs with an alternative ‘HS’ DVI model in certain regions. We will of course be reviewing any members of the SB350 series as soon as possible, but for now we leave you with a picture and simple thoughts on the aesthetics.

The Samsung SB350 series

With the SB350 series Samsung seems to have intensified the red of the ‘Rose Black’ glossy bezel of the SA350 series and added a slightly square appearance at the top and sides (reminiscent of the PX2370 and P2450). Meanwhile there is a distinct ‘lip’ at the bottom which remains more subtle than that on the B2450 and a transparent plastic used for the stand which is again comparable to the PX2370.