Recommended Gaming Monitors | PC Monitors

  • ASUS VH236H

  • Samsung S27A950D

  • Dell U2412M

Chosen as the MLG (Major League Gamers) monitor of choice the ASUS VH236H is a responsive and well-rounded product. Key attributes include very low input lag and a rich and varied image with plenty of room for fine-tuning. Trailing on this monitor is minimal and the ‘Trace Free’ pixel overdrive can be adjusted according to preference. On top of this solid performance are a few welcome extras such as an HDMI port and stereo speakers which make it a great solution for console as well as PC gaming.

Samsung S27A950D

The Samsung S27A950D is a beautifully designed monitor offering one of the smoothest 120Hz performances money can buy. The extremely low levels of trailing (or ghosting) is combined with low input lag and rapid input polling from the 120Hz refresh rate – so you feel completely connected to the game. But some people also like to sit back and enjoy the virtual scenery – and with its glossy Ultra Clear Panel the Samsung offers some stunningly sharp, clear and vibrant images.

Due to the exceptionally thin screen and most of the electronics being integrated into the base the stand is not detachable, is limited to a slight tilt of the screen and cannot be VESA mounted. A 23″ version with similar performance attributes is also available.

With its IPS panel and 8ms stated response time the U2412M probably isn’t an immediately obvious choice for gamers. In practice it is highly responsive for an IPS panel monitor with low input lag, whilst it handles its motion better than many TN panel monitors at ‘medium’ speeds. Everyone has a different tolerance to this but with undeniable advantages in colour accuracy, colour consistency and viewing angles this makes a great all-rounder and breaths life and richness into games and the desktop. It is also one of the few affordable modern monitors of to feature a 1920 x 1200 resolution.

What makes these good gaming monitors?

Although there are many different genres of game and it is impossible to generalise when it comes to ‘gamers’, there are certain screen attributes which are always attractive. Fast and well-handled pixel response times minimise levels of distracting trailing (ghosting) whilst low levels of input lag enable your in-game characters to respond quickly to your movements. Some modern monitors also offer 120Hz refresh rates which adds further fluidity to the experience by drawing up to twice as many discrete frames every second. Some users also like to spend a bit of time admiring rather than blowing up the scenery and for that good colour reproduction and contrast are desirable.

The recommendations in this section provide the best of both worlds by combining good image quality attributes with excellent levels of responsiveness. No matter what genre you like these models offer excellent value for money and can really make your entertainment experience special.