BenQ to launch EW2420H and other LED-backlit VA PC monitors | PC Monitors

BenQ to launch EW2420H and other LED-backlit VA PC monitors

BenQ have announced a world first with the not too distant arrival of three new Vertical Alignment (VA) LED-backlit computer monitors. The 24″ VW2420H and 21.5″ VW2220H follow from the styling of the new ‘V series’ (such as the V920 we reviewed recently) but add a gold instead of silver ring around the monitor base. The EW2420H offers a greater variety of ports at the back and current styling of the monitor is unknown. Style aside – the switch from TN to VA panels gives the new monitors a stated contrast ratio of 3000:1 as they render deeper blacks with less backlight bleed. It also improves viewing angles and colour accuracy (8-bits per pixel rather than 6) – importantly there is not the colour shift across the screen that you get on TN panels. If BenQ can price competitively (something they’re good at), eliminate the ‘black crush’ issues and improve on the response time (RTC anyone?) of the Samsung F2380 then I have no doubt that these new panels are going to be real winners.

The EW2420H and VW2420H are slated for August release in the US/UK and the VW2220H for November. Prices TBC. For more information read BenQ’s Press Release.