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Samsung reveals 19 inch AMOLED monitor

Samsung have demonstrated yet another world-first by flaunting a prototype 19 inch transparent AMOLED monitor. Samsang see this concept as a useful way of displaying information in shop windows or advertising on pretty much any glass surface; they also hope that one day it could be implemented onto helmets, HUDs and car windshields. The monitor itself has a transparency of 30%, allowing you to see objects through it as well as images on the screen. As you can read in our OLED monitors article; making the screen opaque for use as a computer monitor simply means flipping a few things around. As Samsung continues to invest heavily in their research and development of OLED technology, it really does feel like OLED monitors and TV screens are edging ever-closer.

Samsung transparent AMOLED monitor

Samsung 19″ transparent AMOLED monitor