LG demonstrates 15″ WOLED display

Now this acronym game is just getting ridiculous, isn’t it? LG has demonstrated a WOLED (white organic light emitting diode) display that uses white OLED pixels as a kind of backlight to shine nice organic light through a colour filter. By using white pixels instead of seperate blue, green and red pixels it is hoped that the cost of the display could be kept down and that the potential problem of variable lifetime of different pixel colours is eliminated. The manufacturing process is also less time consuming and expensive, so it is hoped that WOLED displays may form a kind of stopgap before large OLED computer monitors using coloured pixels become commercially viable. It is likely that the contrast and colour performance is inferior on a WOLED vs. normal AMOLED panel and the idea of using a white backlight and a colour filter isn’t an entirely radical departure from existing LCD technologies. For further information about LG’s 15″ WOLED display, click here.