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OLED monitor article

PC Monitors takes an insightful look at OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology that will likely be found in the computer monitors of tomorrow. We look at how OLED monitors work on a scientific level and look at the slight variations in OLED technology that exist for a wide variety of useful applications. We then look at the advantages that OLED monitors have over ‘traditional’ LCD monitors and also explore some potential disadvantages.

Since OLED technology will become increasingly important and viable in relation to PC monitors, we also look at how the potential disadvantages of OLED screens are being nullified by monitor manufacturers such as Samsung, who are at the forefront of OLED research and development. We hope you find the article both interesting and informative as well as unique. You should find the explanations of the technology and its applications particularly informative, especially with the videos and pictures that accompany this PC Monitors article.

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OLED monitor cell

OLED PC Monitors article