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Samsung S24A350H – monitor of the month

It has been several months since we last selected a ‘monitor of the month’ but due to popular demand it’s back! For those who are not au fait with this feature; we select a recently launched monitor that stands out amongst others due to its combination of performance, price, features and perhaps looks. This month is the turn of the Samsung S24A350H – one of Samsung’s many recently launched monitors. This model and other members of the SA350 and SA550 series haven’t received as much attention as they deserve in the way of user or ‘professional’ reviews. They have slipped under the radar with a large shadow looming over them from the high-profile SA750 and SA950 series 3D monitors.

Having had a little experience with the S24A350 (but not enough to merit a full review) it has left largely positive impressions. The first thing to note is that this monitor is, inch for inch, a little cheaper than the S23A550. When it comes to raw substance, however, both monitors are very similar – slightly different looks, an ‘Eco Sensor’ to switch the monitor into standby if nobody is using it and a different cable management arrangement are the only notable distinctions.

The distinction should also be made between these monitors and the iconic Samsung PX2370. Interestingly, many people consider the S23A550 the successor to the PX2370 but really Samsung have made a number of other models subsequently which were never designed as an outright replacement. When the PX2370 was brought to the market it was one of the earlier (and arguably more attractive looking) LED backlit monitors that Samsung felt they were able to demand a price premium for. Samsung have expanded the size range and indeed price range of their LED-backlit monitors since the PX2370′s introduction and have launched several others driven towards a similar market – including the BX50 and BX35 series and now the SA350 and SA550 series.

The S24A350H is obviously an inch larger than the PX2370 yet costs less and delivers what many people would consider attractive aesthetics. Perhaps the stand is not so much of a head turner and it doesn’t have the somewhat unique ‘square’ look of the PX but the build quality is very good and the monitor’s inner brunt is much the same. On the all-important aspect of image quality, performance is very good with pleasing contrast (on par or exceeding other panels of a similar type in the price range) and the welcome addition of Samsung’s usual excellent MagicBright presets. A good level of image vibrancy and colour distinctions, which is something the PX2370 is often praised for, can be had by switching from the default ‘Gamma Mode 1’ to ‘Gamma Mode 2’ to give a well-balanced image.

Responsiveness is also excellent and Samsung have done an excellent job with their grey to grey acceleration (pixel overdrive) on this one. The end result is a low level of visible trailing during fast motion without throwing up off-putting ghosting artifacts. High levels of input lag can put many competitive gamers right off a monitor – but thankfully the input lag of this monitor is so low as to be unperceivable, just like on the PX2370.

So in summary; the Samsung S24A350H offers an attractive package on the outside, plenty of goodness on the inside and hits most people’s sweet-spot in terms of price and screen size. This is a very worthy choice as monitor of the month.

Samsung S24A350H

Samsung S24A350H