Acer HN274H review by 3D Vision Blog

3D Vision blog has provided an early but insightful sneak peak at Acer’s upcoming 27-inch 3D computer monitor; the HN274H. The review is keen to highlight that this is not only the 27-inch 3D monitor to surface (expected release within the next month or two) but also the first monitor to support stereoscopic 3D over HDMI 1.4a as well as the usual DVI Dual Link. There is then a short unboxing video and a look at the specifications and the HN274H’s fairly limited looking OSD. The monitor features a built in IR (infrared) transmitter for use with the provided Nvidia 3D Vision glasses – an interesting IR-spectrum photograph in the review shows the transmitter in action. The reviewer then has a look at the service menu of the HN274H where he notes the panel of the monitor is the ‘LGD LM270WF3′ – a TN panel manufactured by LG Display. This would suggest that LG may add their own 27-inch 120Hz ’3D’ monitor to their lineup in the near future to add to the near-future competition with Acer and Samsung.

The Acer HN274H is confirmed to be standard gamut but exceptionally bright. The reviewer recorded a peak luminance of 492 cd/m2 which far exceeds the 300 cd/m2 stated maximium luminance of the specification. This is certainly a bright monitor with a powerful backlight – so it should be great for 3D. There is also the suggestion that the brightness remains high (around 300cd/m2) even at ‘lower brightness settings’. It seems from the review that this was the case when lowering the contrast level but not the ‘brightness’ level so it may not actually be an issue.

The reviewer also recorded an average input lag of ’8ms’ (note inherent inaccuracies with the method) which means that the monitor should be responsive enough even for very demanding gamers. The review ends with a discussion of the stereoscopic 3D performance of the Acer and concludes by confirming a February release date and rather steep price tag of around 700 USD (~£600). For more information