AOC i2757Fm AH-IPS monitor –

AOC i2757Fm AH-IPS monitor

AOC are set to release the i2757Fm, a 27” monitor featuring one of LG’s new mysterious ‘AH-IPS’ panels. The monitor is part of the company’s ‘Style’ line and features the same seamless ‘inner bezel’ and thin ‘outer bezel ‘ design that will be featured on LG’s own IPS7 series. The front of the monitor has a rather angular appearance to the screen itself, a square ‘brushed effect’ silver stand and silver bottom bezel component. The screen surface appears to be matte with a reduced haze value (‘semi-glossy’) rather than a high-haze matte which is nice to see.

A nice design

The stand is also detachable, allowing the neck of the monitor to become a sort of ‘kickstand’ for those that prefer a low-lying photo frame arrangement. The side profile is very shapely, slender and elegant – but to help achieve this VESA mounting is not an option. The monitor doesn’t offer any height adjustment, swivel or tilt so is very much fixed ‘as is’.

Shapely at the side

The monitor itself features a 60Hz 27” LED-backlit AH-IPS panel with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This new ‘AH-IPS’ moniker has thrown a few people off as they have drawn comparisons between this and older ‘H-IPS’ panels and inferred that unlike modern ‘E-IPS’ panels the colour processing must be at least 8-bit without dithering. It isn’t yet clear what distinguishes these new panels from other IPS varieties but such inferences should not be made – but the Full HD resolution has certainly never been featured on earlier 27” IPS iterations. The i2757Fm features a fairly minimal selection of ports including; a single VGA and HDMI port, audio input, audio output and rudimentary integrated speakers. An HDMI cable, VGA cable and audio cable will be included in the box for good measure.

Bare at the rear

The maximum luminance specified for the monitor is 250cd/m2 which is quite low compared to older 27” IPS models but more than enough for general home or office use. AOC have also quoted a 5ms grey to grey response time which indicates the inclusion of grey to grey acceleration – but how successfully this has been implemented remains to be seen. Full specifications can be found here. The monitor is expected to be available in early to mid-September in the UK and Europe at an RRP of £249.99. Availability in the United States and other regions is expected shortly afterwards.