Samsung’s new business MVA monitors – S24A650D, S24A650S and S27A650D

It has been known for some months now that Samsung are due to launch a new line of MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) monitors in the SA650 series alongside their exciting new PLS (Plane to Line Switching) SA850 series. For whatever reason the SA850 series has yet to materialise, but the SA650 series are almost certainly due to be launched in late August (in Europe, at least). The new MVA monitors are aimed at ‘business professionals’ and include two 24″ models (the S24A650D and S24A650S) as well as a 27″ version (the S27A650D). The only apparent difference between the 24 inch ‘D’ and ‘S’ models is the inclusion of two 1W speakers and a USB hub on the ‘S’ model

All members of the SA650 series will feature 1920 x 1080 resolutions, 3000:1 static contrast ratios and 250 cd/m2 rated brightness (24″ versions) or 300 cd/m2 rated brightness (27″ version) and come with 8ms grey to grey response times – but as with all VA-panel monitors expect sluggish ‘high contrast’ transitions. The housing appears identical to the SA850 series (except for the 1920 x 1080 resolution of the S24A650 compared to the 1920 x 1200 resolution of the S24A850DW) with a fully adjustable stand (height, swivel, pivot and tilt) and brushed metal stand elements and bottom bezel edge. They are also believed to feature a similar WLED backlighting arrangement to the SA850 series – backlit from one side using 80 white diodes and a diffuser.

Recommended retail prices are €319, €329 and €399 for the S24A650S, S24A650D and S27A650D, respectively. Note that these are just Samsung’s recommendations and they are expected to retail significantly below these prices when they are released later in August.