Samsung Central Station monitors – in the comfort of your own home

Details have emerged of an upcoming series of monitors from Samsung that provide something a bit novel. Despite the quirky train-station themed name the ‘Central Station’ monitors are apparently designed to make life easier and more flexible (or at least – a little bit different) for notebook/netbook/tablet PC users. The wireless versions of ‘Central Station’ include a wireless USB 2.0 dongle that connects to a USB port on the portable computing device. The monitor then apparently ‘comes alive’ if your computer is within one meter of the ‘Central Station’. What’s more is that you can plug desktop peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse into the Central Station and these will enable control of the computer all routed wirelessly through the monitor.

Wired versions also exist if you are that way inclined – we imagine all models will require a power cable, anyway. The SyncMaster C27A750 is the official name given to the high-end 27″ consumer ‘Central Station’ PC monitors with Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) wireless video module for wireless connectivity. Resolution has been confirmed as 1920 x 1080 with a specified luminance of 300 cd/m2 and 2ms response time (driven by a TN panel). The monitor also features two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports as well as VGA (D-Sub) and HDMI ports – should you wish to connect multiple devices (or forgo one of the monitors major features).

A June release is currently expected and a £449 RRP has been announced for the UK. PC Pro have posted a short pre-production sample C27A750 review here and found it to be a high-quality monitor with some very attractive features. Contrast, image vibrancy and central-point colour accuracy were all praised as was the overall concept of the monitor. If you would like a further taste of what to expect from the upcoming C27A750 Samung Ukraine have posted a short video on YouTube. One feature we particularly like is the touch sensitive navigation area built into the stand – the layout of the ‘buttons’ looks quite intuitive. Hopefully the monitor responds properly when touched.

Update: Samsung Singapore have also released information related to the C23A750 series. This appears identical to the to the larger C27A750 series but features a smaller (23″) screen and will again come in ‘wired’ and ‘wireless’ varieties. Pricing and exact release details are currently unknown but a June release is anticipated in the UK and US.

Samsung Central Station – coming to a PC near you shortly