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LG E2770V coming soon

During CES we reported on an upcoming ‘IPS gaming monitor’ in the works from LG Electronics; the E2370V. LG is set to launch this very shortly – but they also have a slightly larger trick up their sleaves. The LG E2770V shares many of the specifications of the E2370V – with the same 1920 x 1080 resolution, 14ms ISO response time (6ms grey to grey), WLED backlight and 178°/168° viewing angles.

What’s more (all going well) this will be the most affordable 27-inch IPS computer monitor launched to date – with a recommended retail price of $439.99. Although not officially confirmed on the spec. sheet we have received confirmation from a reliable source closely allied with LG that the monitor should hopefully ship with an IPS panel for superior viewing angles and colour reproduction. There were some initial issues with supplying what is a brand new IPS panel for the E2770V but it seems they have been ironed out – hopefully we will see this panel incorprated into computer monitors from other manufacturers, too. LG is also keen to highlight ‘TruMotion 120Hz’ capability which is a frame interpolation technology developed primarily for LG TVs to help smooth out motion. Unfortunately this isn’t a ‘true 120Hz’ technology and there are still some real obstacles preventing IPS monitor responsiveness reaching the levels of 120Hz TN panels (see this article). Despite this the LG E2770V still presents an interesting proposition for those looking for a large and affordable IPS monitor for gaming and other tasks.

Another interesting point to note is that the monitor bezel and stand appears to be brushed metal (as with the E2370V) and LG will feature the input-lag minimising ‘Thru Mode’ as they have on the E2770V’s smaller cousin – presumably both ‘Thru Mode’ and ‘TruMotion’ can be enabled or disabled via the OSD as they are two contrary technologies as far as input lag is concerned. All in all this is a promising monitor from LG. The monitor is available to buy in the United States for $439.99. Availability outside of the US, as with the E2370V, has not yet been confirmed.

Update: The E2770V and its smaller cousin the E2370V[/cbc] are now available to buy in the United States. Early user reports seem very positive – particularly regarding contrast and black depth. They are currently selling like hot cakes and hopefully some of our contacts over the pond can get some hands on experience with the monitors shortly and give some further impressions. There is, however, currently some debate over the panel technology used in the monitor (IPS or TN). Given the potential supply problems LG hinted at earlier it could be that they plan on using both TN and IPS panels depending on panel availability during manufacture.