Eizo Duravision fdh3601 a 36.4” monitor with qfhd+resolution

Eizo is set to launch a rather eye-opening, eye-popping and outrageously lustworthy PC monitor with such a high resolution that we had to make up a name for it. The Eizo DuraVision FDH3601′s headlining feature is the 4096 x 2160 resolution which we decided to dub ‘QFHD+’. This is marginally higher than the QFHD or ‘Quad Full High Definition’ (4x HD) resolution that is set at a staggering 3840 x 2160 pixels. This resolution should compliment the gigantic 36.4″ screen nicely and provides an impressive 0.1995mm pixel pitch. The display features a WLED backlight (the exact nature of which is not yet known) and is capable of scorching the retinas (or providing useful information at a distance in a brightly lit environment) with its 700 cd/m2 luminance. For those dimmer occasions the FDH3601 can be taken down to a lowly 30 cd/m2 giving a fantastic luminance range of 670 cd/m2.

The panel is believed to use some form of IPS technology accompanied by ‘wide viewing angles’, 25ms ISO (8ms grey to grey) response times and a 1000:1 static contrast ratio and true 10-bit (16-bit LUT) per subpixel colour support. Eizo has also thrown in a nice range of inputs to boot. This includes two DVI-D ports, two DisplayPorts and 2 USB 2.0 ports – you might expect USB 3.0 given the price but perhaps that will come on an updated model. HDMI of any current specification would struggle with the bandwidth requirements of this one. Further information can be found here.

As you can glean from the specifications this monitor is aimed at specific applications where massive amounts of information being displayed on a screen can be an advantage (such as air traffic control). If you aren’t phased by the sheer size, the graphics horsepower required to game on it at the native resolution or the 350W maximum power consumption (162W typical) then this could be a nice monitor to show off to your mates if nice cars don’t impress them. That is assuming you can get yourself over to Japan with a large wad of cash; the Eizo FDH3601 is due to launch in Japan on September 7th 2011 at 2.88 million JPY (around 36,000 USD or 22,000 GBP). Availability outside of Asia has not yet been confirmed but either way this monitor gives a nice indication of what is possible with current LCD technologies.