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BenQ XL2410 120Hz ’3D’ LED Gaming Monitor

BenQ has teamed up with two ‘legendary’ CounterStrike players (we thought it took hundreds of years at least to achieve legendary status but never mind) to bring you the XL2410 120Hz ’3D’ LED gaming monitor. Whilst you’ll be forgiven for thinking that BenQ has stolen the beloved XL prefix from Samsung, the XL2410 offers some features that are thus far unique to the BenQ. The XL2410 is designed to be as responsive as possible with low input lag, 2ms grey to grey response time (with aggressive overdrive) and even features special ‘Gaming Display Modes’ – such as a special FPS mode. The monitor itself is a TN panel with what we understand to be edge-lit LED backlighting and a full 120Hz refresh rate to deliver a fluid experience even in stereoscopic 3D. Other intriguing features of the XL2410 include special modes which reduce the onscreen image size to the equivilent area of a 17″, 19″, 19″ widescreen, 22″ widescreen or of course the XL2410′s native 23.6″ widescreen. Features such as this are useful for competitive gaming if there are certain rules that your equipment needs to abide by. Like all good gaming computer monitors it will feature HDMI and if the picture below is the final design should have a highly adjustable stand – with height adjustment and probably swivel and tilt. We hope to review the BenQ XL2410 on PC Monitors in the not too distant future – availability in the UK and the rest of Europe is expected in October and elsewhere shortly afterwards. RRP to be confirmed.

BenQ XL2410

BenQ XL2410 120Hz 3D LED gaming monitor