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LG M2752D and DM2752D IPS hybrid monitors

LG has announced two new hybrid monitors which they have dubbed ‘personal TVs’ in their press release; the M2752D and DM2752D. The main draw of these models is their 27” WLED-backlit IPS panels which promise superior colour reproduction and viewing angles (178 degrees vertical and horizontal) compared to the usual TN-panel hybrids. They are interesting products in that they will be the first 27” IPS monitors to feature a 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution rather than the typical 2560 x 1440. Designed as ‘all-round entertainment screens’ they feature a built-in digital TVB-T/C tuner (no Freeview HD), dual HDMI ports and two 5” ‘Infinite Surround Sound’ speakers. As usual the speakers sound impressive by name but are really just there to facilitate sound production rather than replace a more powerful standalone system.

DM27 mugshot

Other points to note include a 250cd/m2 rated brightness, LG’s usual matte antiglare screen surface and a VGA port for maximum compatibility and old school kicks. As you can hopefully see in the image below the usual hybrid additions (SCART, coaxial and various component inputs and outputs) are included as well as 100 x 100 VESA compatibility. LG also boasts some useful additional features such as PIP (Picture in Picture) and ‘USB Quick View’ which allows direct media access via USB without a PC. There is also mention in the press release of ‘Smooth Color Change’ which is designed to enhance the fluidity of motion. LG has specified a 5ms grey to grey response time so this is probably the name given to the pixel overdrive – and that is something that will be very welcome for gamers if it’s implemented well.

Good use of space at the rear

What distinguishes the DM2752 from the M2752 is that all important ‘D’ prefix – which in the world of LG means that it is part of the Cinema 3D line. It will feature the passive 3D FPR (Film Pattern Retarder) technology that LG are famous for and will include a pair (or two) of lightweight and battery-free polarising spectacles to boot. The DM model will also feature 2D to 3D conversion to allow TV shows and any regular ‘2D’ PC content (games and movies etc.) to be displayed through the glasses in pop-out-of-the-screen 3D. The DM2752D should reach the UK and other European markets in July whilst the M2752D is currently being released to various ‘select’ European markets. No word yet on pricing or on a release of the M52 and DM52 series outside of Europe but we will of course update this article when we can to fill in any gaps.