BenQ EW2420 review published – PC Monitors

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The long awaited, eagerly anticipated and overly wordy PC Monitors review of the BenQ EW2420 has now been published. The EW2420 may look like any other computer monitor, but under the hood this thing sports an unusual combination – an LED backlight and a *VA panel. You may get sick of the term ‘*VA’ whilst reading the review, but this is because the exact panel type has yet to be disclosed by BenQ – although rumour has it that it is a modified A-MVA (Advanced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment). Whatever panel the EW2420 uses, we found the performance to be exceptional in the games and movie titles we tested. For a monitor of this price the overall package is simply astounding – you can read the EW2420 review by clicking on the glossy black thing below (that’s the monitor itself in case you were wondering).

EW2420 review

BenQ EW2420 review published