Here you will find the latest and greatest computer monitors tried and tested. You may also find some cases where the devices have failed to impress us – well somebody needs to stop you buying them! We try to provide the broadest possible spectrum of monitor reviews; looking at monitors from a range of different manufacturers, in a range of different sizes and to suit various budgets. We are, however, more likely to test out interesting monitors which we feel offer some sort of breakthrough in PC monitor technology – but only if they are available on the consumer market. Some monitors we test are designed for home users, whilst some are designed with professional users in mind. Our reviews are written to reflect ‘typical home user’ scenarios but include quantitive and qualititive testing that can prove insightful to any ‘level’ of user. We can’t stress enough the importance of subjectivity when considering PC monitors and although we provide a broad scope of subjective testing the results depend, by definition, on the user’s preferences.

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Latest Monitor Review

The BenQ EW2430 is an evolution of the already impressive EW2420. It certainly looks different on the outside but have BenQ managed to build upon an already impressive performance? We put this monitor to the test.


EW2430 review


Previous Monitor Reviews

The Samsung BX2440 is one of a relatively limited number of monitors with a fully adjustable stand (that you can tilt, swivel, rotate and adjust the height of). As such it is designed primarily as a business monitor, but how does it fair as an entertainment monitor? That is exactly what we found out.

Samsung BX2440


We have tested out the NEC MultiSync EA232WMi for your reading pleasure. The EA232WMi is one of the first LED-backlit IPS computer monitors to reach mainstream availability – but has this come at the expense of image quality?

NEC MultiSync EA232WMi


It’s been a long time coming but the XL2410T review has now been published. The XL2410T sets the benchmark for LCD monitor responsiveness, but at what cost in image quality?

BenQ XL2410T

The long awaited, eagerly anticipated and some might say ‘overly wordy’ BenQ EW2420 test is now complete. Does the world’s first LED-backlit monitor with *VA panel live up to our expectations? Or perhaps even exceed them?



BenQ EW2420


The Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD has undergone testing as both a monitor and a TV. The FX2490HD looks stunning and functions very well as both a TV and computer monitor; offering great all-round performance.


Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD